Manana Tandashvili
Mariam Kamarauli

"Introduction to Digital Kartvelology"

Iverioni Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2021.

ISBN 978-9941-8-3156-3

The paper discusses the history and perspectives of the development of Digital Kartvelology, the basic principles of digital research and corpuslinguistic research methods. Big data of Kartvelology, the history and the significance of their creation are reviewed. The paper is intended for humanities students and other readers interested in the subject.

Manana Tandashvili

"On the Conceptual Modelling of Verbs in Georgian"

Iverioni Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2020.

ISBN 978-9941-8-2853-9

The paper “On the Conceptual Modelling of Verbs in Georgian” is an attempt to use alternative forms and methods for modelling Georgian verbs, in particular on the basis of the frame theory of the American scientist Marvin Minsk.

Georgian Political Oral Discourse (Chrestomathy of Political Texts), Volume I-II

Ed. M. Tandashvili, Iverion Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2020.

ISBN 978-991-8-2854-6

The two-volume edition of Georgian political oratory discourse includes speeches of Georgian parliamentarians at the sittings of the Parliament of Georgia (Volume I) and pre-election televised speeches of Georgian politicians (Volume II). The material presented in two-volume edition reflects the specifics of the parliamentary and television speeches of Georgian politicians and the peculiarities of Georgian political rhetoric.

Manana Tandashvili

"Modern methods and tools for documenting of language and culture"

Universali Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2020.

ISBN 978-9941-26-65-9

The paper discusses modern methods and tools for documenting of language and culture, reviews open ressources, modern digital archives and the history of their creation.The paper also discusses general theoretical issues relevant to the field of doculinguistics, such as cultural understanding, memory forms, cultural transmission, and its importance.

Manana Tandashvili, RamazKhalvashi, RusudanPapiashvili, MziaKhakhutaishvili, Grigol Kakhiani, Nana Tsetskhladze

"Modern tools for electronic documentation of language and culture" (Guideline)

Universali Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2020.

ISBN 978-9941-26-66-6

The paper discusses modern methods and tools for electronic language and culture documentation: ELAN and FLEx. The paper is intended for humanities students and those interested in documenting language and culture.

Uwe Quasthoff, Manana Tandaschwili, Thomas Eckart

Frequency Dictionary of Georgian

NLP Group, University of Leipzig, (Eds: Uwe Quasthoff, Sabine Fiedler, Erla Hallsteinsdóttir; 2018, Leipzig. ISBN 3960232063

The Georgian Language Frequency Dictionary is a statistical analysis of the Georgian language vocabulary and is based on empirical data, in particular, Georgian resources placed on the Internet.The printed version of the dictionary includes the 10,000 most frequently used words in Georgian.The dictionary is accompanied by a CD-ROM, which contains 1 million.Word format sorted by frequency.

Ramaz Khalvashi

„Introduction to Digital Humanities “

Shota Rustaveli State University Publishing House, Batumi, 2018. ISBN 978-9941-462-60-3

Digital humanities is a new field that has emerged as a result of the synthesis of computer technology and humanitarian research. This handbook is dedicated to the history of digital humanities, research tools, methods, and development perspectives. Advances in digital Kartvelology and Caucasology are discussed here.

Manana Tandashvili

"Semantic Analysis of Verb in Georgian"

Meridiani Publishing House, Tbilisi, 2017.
ISBN 978-9941-25-344-7

The semantic model of the Georgian verb given in the paper allows us to better describe the morphosyntactic features that distinguish the Georgian verb. In addition to the theoretical value, the paper also has a practical significance – the framework of the semantic classification of verbs, which is discussed in the paper, is based on the results of corpus research and greatly facilitates the problem of automatic translation of the Georgian language.

Manana Tandashvili

"Referentiality in Georgian"

Logos Publishing House, Frankfurt-Tbilisi, 2017.
ISBN 978-9941-468-39-1

The paper describes the types of reference and its forms of linguistic expression in Georgian. Special attention is also paid to Deixis – the asymmetry of the deictic system, deixis operators (deictons) are described and their functional semantic analysis is given in Georgian.

Manana Tandashvili

"Digital Documentation of Language" (Introduction to Documentary linguistics)

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Publishing House, Batumi, 2016. ISBN 978-9941-462-34-4

In the paper are discussed Documentation of langueges for the first time. The paper was created within the framework of the minory program “Digital Humanities” introduced at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University and includes both theoretical methods of modern documentation of languages and cultures, as well as modern technologies of documentation.