Georgian Language and Modern Technologies

Georgian Language and Modern Technologies

On April 7 th -8 th 2023, within the framework of the week related to the Day of the Georgian Language, an exhibition-presentation of modern technologies of the Georgian language was held.
The purpose of this exhibition-presentation was to assemble the existing scientific-educational and commercial resources created for the Georgian language in order to reveal and summarize the overall picture of the possibilities of the modern technologies and to outline the prospects for improving the quality of the technologization of the Georgian language.
One of the main tasks of the event was to promote the understanding of the existing resources related to the Georgian language in the context of open science and to integrate them with the European open science cloud.

See the program here:

The event was held by the "Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, in cooperation with the "State Language Department and the "Academy for Digital Humanities - Georgia.


Session I: Digital Text Corpora
Session II: Natural Language Processing Technologies
Session III: E-Dictionaries
Session IV: Complex Digital Resources
Session V: Library Electronic Resources
Round Table