The Peer-reviewed Bilingual Scientific Online Journal of the Academy for Digital Humanities for Young Researchers

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The Bilingual Scientific Online Journal of the Academy for Digital Humanities for Young Researchers

The peer-reviewed bilingual scientific online journal Millennium was initiated by the Academy for Digital Humanities - Georgia In collaboration with the Institute for Empirical Linguistics, University of Frankfurt. The journal is designed for young researchers working in Humanities and Social Sciences – master students, doctoral students and postdocs.
Millennium aims to promote the academic development of a new generation of scientists by creating an academic platform for young researchers working in the Humanities and Social Sciences to publish scientific papers.
Scientific Council:
Chairman of the Scientific Council: Manana Tandaschwili (Germany)
Members of the Scientific Council: Jost Gippert (Germany), Gerd Carling (Germany), Iryna Gurevych (Germany), Sergey Kim (Switzerland), Khatuna Beridze (Georgia), Emzar Jgerenaia (Gerogia), Vakhtang Litcheli (Georgia), Nana Loladze (Georgia), Rati Skhirtladze (Georgia)
Secretary of the Scientific Council: Sarah Dopierala (USA)
Editorial Board:
Members of the Editorial Board: Mariam Kamarauli (Editor-in-Chief), Eka Kvirkvelia (Editor), Mzia Khakhutaishvili, Maia Kuktchishvili, Mariam Matiashvili, Mariam Rukhadze, Giorgi Jgharkava (Executive Secretary), Mariam Gobianidze, Zviad Zalikiani.

The journal addresses the following fields:

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Deadline for submission of articles: April 30 of each year.

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The peer-reviewed scientific online journal of the Academy of Digital Humanities „Millennium“ is published once a year. Articles submitted for publication are evaluated by two independent experts. After the reviewers, the article is further reviewed by the scientific board of the journal.